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10 Reasons to Buy Diamonds in Antwerp From a Renowned Jeweler

April 21st, 2019 by  / Total comments: 2305

You often hear you should buy diamonds and jewelry from a renowned jeweler. But what makes such a jeweler better than the one just around the corner? There are several reasons for this, but here are the main ones:

1. Reliability

Definitely one of the main reasons people buy from a renowned jeweler is reliability. Recognized jewelers are affiliated with multiple diamond approval agencies and have the certificates to show it. Basically, it’s your assurance. When buying from a renowned jeweler, you know the diamonds are obtained fairly and you truly get what you pay for. Buying from a renowned jeweler one of the few ways to make sure you won’t get scammed.  An example of this is that you always get the certificate that belongs to the diamond. This certificate is provided by the Gemological Institute of America. They grade every diamond and note its characteristics on the certificate. Therefore, you know everything about your diamond.

2. Knowledge

You’ll probably prefer doing business with someone who really knows his products instead of some random sales person. You’ll get honest advice and can ask as many questions you want. Even when you’re not ready to buy (yet), they will gladly answer your diamond questions. Our sales staff is passionate about diamonds and love to share their knowledge with you. You should take advantage of that.

  3. Craftsmanship

Diamond polishing is not something anyone can do. It’s a true art and craftsmanship. Only the best-trained diamond cutters know exactly how to polish a diamond. They can do it so that it reflects the light in the best possible way. This is what makes a diamond sparkle and marks true craftsmanship. A non-renowned jeweler often equals bad polishing quality. When a diamond is polished badly, most of the times it’s ruined forever!  Do yourself a favor and go for craftsmanship.

4. Quality

Every self-respecting and renowned jeweler has a reputation to uphold. They can’t afford to sell bad quality diamonds. Therefore, if your diamonds come from a respectable seller, you’re sure your diamonds and jewelry are of great quality. New and unauthorized jewelers don’t have a name to maintain. If they sell bad quality and get bad reviews, they just take your money and change their name. Under that new name, they continue their scandalous business. Established names and renowned jewelers are not willing to take that risk. They also feel it’s their moral duty to sell you something they vouch for.

diamond expert at diamondland explaining everything about diamonds in front of a board


5. Education

Buying a diamond is for most people, not something they do very often. Even though you’re probably not an expert, you definitely want to have some knowledge about diamonds before buying a one. A real renowned jeweler will be happy to teach you about the 4 C’s and other important diamond related things. He will take his time to educate you. After that, you can make an informed decision on your own.

6. Lifelong warranty

Despite all efforts and education, it can happen that you are not 100% happy with your purchase. Renowned jewelers will have no problem giving you a full warranty. They stand behind their products but also know their customer is king. However, you may not be so lucky when your purchase comes from an unrecognized or unauthorized jeweler. In such a case it’s very well possible you only get a partial refund or not even one at all.

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7. Large stock

Nothing feels worse than seeing the ring of your dreams and having to wait for weeks for to arrive it. Many renowned jewelers have a lot of diamonds in stock. This way, they can create the perfect ring for you in just minutes. Do you want setting A with diamond B? No problem! We fix it for you while you enjoy your complimentary glass of champagne. Here you don’t have to wait before the store has ordered your diamond or your entire piece of jewelry. They simply have it ready in the back. Small and unreliable stores can’t afford a large stock, but larger and renowned jewelers can.

8. Personal advice

As a renowned jeweler, it is our job to make sure you go home happy. Sometimes, this requires professional and personal advice. All people are different and some pieces of jewelry compliment you more than others. When you ask for it, a renowned jeweler will always give you honest and personal advice. We want to make sure you look your best and leave with a smile.

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9. Custom designs are possible

Maybe you have an exact idea of what your perfect ring looks like. Chances are, you have been looking for hours but can’t find that exact ring. So frustrating! Now you’ve set your mind to it and no other ring will do. The good news is that renowned jewelers (with that large stock) have no problem recreating that perfect ring of yours. You describe it, we make it and you’ll have that ring you’ve dreamt about in no time.

10. Privacy

Buying diamonds can be a delicate business. You’re probably not comfortable with doing that in the shop’s window for everyone on the streets to see. Make your decision in a calm and sensible way in a showroom. Renowned jewelers have a couple of private showrooms in their building(s). Here you can look at jewelry at your own pace.

diamond polisher evaluating diamond with a loupe

Checklist to find a renowned jeweler in Antwerp

Essentially, for a perfect experience, it’s ten times better to shop at a renowned jeweler. Maybe now you’re wondering how to know if a jeweler is renowned and trustworthy. See if you can check off the points below. You’ve found yourself a good jeweler if they:

Remember: if something sounds too good to be true, it often isn’t true.

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