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The Diamonds & Sparkles experience

April 21st, 2019 by  / Total comments: 3371

A look into the mystery of the Diamonds & Sparkles experience

Mostly known as the world diamond center, Antwerp is also home to the Diamonds & Sparkles experience. The Diamonds & Sparkles experience is a way to add something totally new and different to an event. No matter the hour, dinner, or any other time during the event, the Diamonds & Sparkles experience is sure to leave your guests mesmerized and impressed. 

Basically every guest receives a glass of champagne, with a brilliant cut diamond ór zircon(a fake diamond) in it. The zirconia isn’t worth a lot, but the diamond has a value of aprox. €450 euro. But, depending on the organization, there is only one (or a few ) real diamond.


Checking for a Diamond

The fun part is when one or more of our diamond polishers at the event take their loupe to hand and check each and every stone to see if it’s a real diamond or a zircon. While checking, the polisher will explain a little bit about the art of diamond polishing and how they see the difference between a real and a fake diamond.

Of course the excitement will reach a peak when our craftsman finds a real diamond. He rings a bell and the guest receives the diamond in a DiamondLand diamond box with a real certificate and also receives a discount if he or she wants to set the diamond in a ring or other piece of jewellery.

The other guests get to keep the zircon, as a memory to an entertaining, informative and exciting evening.


Diamonds & Sparkles experience details

The zircons have a value of € 2,50 per zircon. So if you have a party of 10, the cost is € 22,50. Of course the diamond has a different price, but that can be determined based on budget. Maybe you only want 1 real diamond or you might want 2 or 3. Everything is possible and pricing is the diamonds come with at a very affordable price. We can hold the diamonds & sparkles experience at our premises in the World Diamond Center or at your location. We can arrange for the champagne as well. Our goal is to spread the craft of diamond polishing and to make sure your guests have a wonderful evening. Please contact us for more information and to book a diamonds & sparkles experience now.

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